Hikes, Hounds & Homes!


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39 dog-friendly hiking trails on The Peninsula!

Why Hikes, Hounds and Homes? Because your health is your most important asset! Besides, sharing and personally integrating with my community is just as important, if not more important to me, than doing so professionally...

Hikes: Hiking has been something that I know, without a shadow of a doubt is good for the soul. It helps me sort thoughts, clears my mind, and throws my body into alignment. Life is, all around, simply better better when hiking.

Hounds: Dogs have always been a part of my life. Animals truly are the best teachers of unconditional love. As they insist on being close to us, sometimes at not-so-convenient times, we eventually give in and shower them with our love... What starts off as an inconvenience and disruption to our focus, ends up being a blessing in disguise which brings us back to the present moment.

Homes: When it comes to our living space, Covid 19 has affected us all. Every-single-one-of-us! What I find most intriguing, personally & professionally, is that this time has caused countless people to reconsider the place they live and the people they live with. No matter where you live, or who you live with, YOU are ever-present and omnipresent. Hiking provides a great opportunity to discover a new version of yourself and there is nobody better to share that time with other than your loyal and trusty companion.

Enjoy my complimentary hiking guide I put together which includes a list of 39 dog-friendly hiking trails on The Peninsula. Each hiking trail includes a link to active listings in that area as well as some additional dog-friendly links.

The San Francisco Bay Area is a beautiful place! Explore it!

Happy Hiking!