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Photo of a nice luxurious kitchen
Photo of Dana Adams sitting on a couch

Prior to becoming a real estate agent, I studied Computer Science and spent some time working on both sides of the camera. Surgical photography eventually lead to web design & digital marketing for doctors which then lead to medical device sales. Although I loved attending surgeries and have the utmost respect for the surgeons I worked with, being stuck in the operating room (or in front of a computer screen) was not the way I wanted to spend my days. 


Real estate has provided the perfect arena for me to utilize my vast array of personal and professional skills. With a love for technology and a knack for research, being able to assess the current market at any given point in time becomes an enjoyable puzzle. Data driven analytics, research on each home, market projections, neighborhood evaluations, strategic marketing paired with true client care are what make me come alive. However, it's my steadfast north facing moral compass which keeps my feet on the ground and a smile on my face.

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